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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions for 2009

At Rogue River Journeys, we believe that the best fireworks show is underneath the actual stars above the Rogue River, the occasional shooting star streaking from canyon wall to canyon wall, and the full moon rising downstream. Tonight you may watch a different type of fireworks display as the countdown towards the New Year – a fresh start, revitalization, and new opportunities – begins.

On the Rogue River a New Year means nothing. The river flows regardless of the season, regardless of the time of day, and most importantly, regardless of anyone’s schedule. It is a timeless countdown from the moment each individual drop of water reaches the Rogue drainage, flushes over Rainie Falls, careens down Mule Creek Canyon, bounces down Blossom Bar, and slips softly into the Pacific Ocean.

The river has a way of evaporating stresses and barriers to bring friends, family, and new acquaintances together into bonding moments – much like the water, each drop an individual, but bonded together to form the river.

Resolutions are normally commitments or promises to ones self. In 2009, our resolutions are not only commitments to ourselves, but also commitments to each one of our customers. In no particular order, here is what we promise to you, our valued friend, customer, and river traveler:

1) We will be excellent stewards of the river. Our trips will always follow the “Leave No Trace” ethic and we will strive to protect the Rogue as the Wild and Scenic River it is.

2) Our trips will always have a “safety-first” attitude. Our guides will have the best safety training possible and our equipment will always be top-notch. Our decisions regarding safety will never be taken lightly.

3) We will provide an excellent value for your dollar. The experiences our customers will have on our trips cannot be quantified by dollars. Memories from our trips will last a lifetime.

4) Our customers will come off the river knowing they chose the right outfitter. We will prove to them from the very start of our relationship that Rogue River Journeys can “walk the walk” and live-up to the expectations we have set so high.

5) We will be an excellent employer for the men and women who work for us. We will provide guides and staff with housing options throughout the river season, offer opportunities for advancement, and a competitive retirement plan. Our guides will be the happiest guides on the river.

6) We will support the community in which we operate. We will buy from local businesses and be an active member of the community.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Rogue River Rafting and Snow

FACT: In the last two weeks the Rogue River drainage has seen nearly two feet of fresh snow.

Q: What's this mean today?
A: Mainly that it is darn cold in Southern Oregon.

Q: What's this mean for the summer?
A: That we are going to have AWESOME river flows!

Rogue river rafting trips are filling up fast for this coming summer. With a snow pack like this, it's hard to think of a better place to be other than the Rogue River. It might be cold now, but summer always promises warm water and sunny rays.

Got the winter blues? Cheer yourself up by booking a trip with Rogue River Journeys. Give us a call at 1-866-213-7754.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Full Sail Brewing Pub & Grub on the Rogue River

Rogue River Journeys is proud to partner with Full Sail Brewing of Hood River to offer the 2009 Rogue River Pub & Grub Trip. For three days we will float the Rogue and stay each of our two nights in the beautiful rustic lodges of Paradise and Black Bar.

If you are a beer fanatic, love being outside, but also desire the comfort of a bed and shower each night, this is the trip for YOU!

This three-day trip is scheduled for June 24-26, 2009. For additional information about the Pub & Grub, please visit our special "Pub & Grub" web page. For more information about Full Sail and the award winning beers they brew, visit the Full Sail website.

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