Rogue River Rafting Vacations

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

America Outdoors on the Rogue

Our September 25th Rogue trip was a trip designed specifically for America Outdoors members. We took three days from Grave Creek to Foster Bar. Our first night was spent at Horseshoe Bend and our second night was at Paradise Lodge.

What made this trip different was that it consisted of only outfitters and guides who had signed up for the trip at last years America Outdoors fundraiser. The mix of different rivers each outfitter offers trips on, geographic regions, and young and old outfitters was astounding. The group consisted of the following:

• Steve Welch with A.R.T.A.
• Dick and Suzy Linford with Echo
• George Wendt and Steve Markel with O.A.R.S.
• Devon Parsons and Kelly Bulkley with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures
• Gary Staab with Adirondack River Adventures
• Andrew Pratt and Susan Howie with Inside-Out Experience
• Bob and Will Volpert with Idaho and Oregon River Journeys

The America Outdoors crew (from left to right):
Devon, Kelly, Andrew, Susan, Bob, Will, George,
Steve, Gary, Dick, Suzy, and Steve. (Click to enlarge)

Dick and Suzy floating down the
Rogue River (Click to enlarge):

George, Dick, Steve, and Bob hanging out
at Paradise Lodge
(Click to enlarge):


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